How can you make money as a content creator on LiveEdu?


Great! You have decided to stream on LiveEdu. Now, you may be thinking, how much you can earn by creating amazing content. Let’s jump in.

Streamers on LiveEdu can make money in three ways.

  • Subscription revenue
  • Advertising revenue
  • Both: Subscription and Advertising revenue

Subscription Money Pay out

LiveEdu Pro subscription offers excellent benefits for the viewers. You can check out the benefits and the pricing by checking the pricing page. We do revenue sharing with premium content streamers. Normal streamers are not covered under subscription money payout.

The content is primary categorized into Premium and non-premium projects. You can find “Premium Project” in the premium section. The non-premium streams are further categorized to interactive and silent streams. We flag them accordingly. You can read more about it here.

An interactive stream can be identified by a simple “interactive” flag as shown below.


Interactive Stream

Whereas “silent” stream flag will look like as below.


Silent Stream

Let’s discuss how the payout takes place.

The payout will not be applicable to the silent and normal streamers. Only premium streamers will get the payout.

  1. 40 % of the net subscription revenue is paid out to premium content creators.

Premium content creators are paid because they create more valuable content for the site. If you want to earn more money as a premium content creator, you can work on multiple projects and improve your chance of earning.

So, how does a streamer earns? Let’s look at the formulas.

A premium streamer will earn monthly revenue according to the following formula.

  • Monthly subscription revenue per premium streamer =  (0.65 *  net subscription revenue US$) x (% view time on your content)  = $$$

The “% view time on your content” is calculated according to the following formula.

  • % view time on your content: the proportional % view time your content contributed compared to total view time on site =  (your total view time / total view time on site)
  • View time on all your projects = view time on all live streams and project playlists.

That’s it! That’s how subscription money will be paid out to the premium streamers. Let’s now move to the Advertising revenue.

Ad Revenue Share

Just like the subscription revenue, silent and normal streamers will be excluded from any payout.

40% of the total Ad revenue will be paid out to the premium content creators.

We understand how Ads can impact the total money making capacity for the streamers. We are only supporting premium content creators to take advantage of the Ads revenue.

To avoid streamers to milk the system, we will monitor bot activities. The time gained through bot activity will be deducted accordingly.

  • Monthly ad revenue per streamer =  (net ad revenue US$) x (% view time on your content)  = $$$
  • view-time on your project = view-time on livestream and videos

That’s it!

Everything at a glance!

Q. Do I need to be premium content streamer on LiveEdu to make money?
Yes. Only premium content streamers are paid through our system.

Q. What happens if you dual stream?
If you stream the content on multiple sites (dual streamers) you will get no subscription revenue. Dual streamers only get advertising revenue share.

Q. How much would I make on LiveEdu as a streamer?

Before you ask this question, check first if your content meets our content quality criteria: If your content is junk and nobody watches it then you will not make any money. Note: LiveEdu does not pay streamers just for stream time but based on viewers watching the content (view time). Viewers pay LiveEdu by buying a Pro subscription, and we share the revenue with premium content streamers. Viewers only watch content if they gain value from it. Junk, normal and silent content is not worth a viewer’s time and money.

Whether your content is junk or not is something we cannot tell you until you have streamed 1-2 sessions on LiveEdu. If your content meets the content quality criteria, then you are one step ahead. How much money you will make on LiveEdu we cannot tell you ahead if you have not streamed for at least 2 months on LiveEdu because how much you make is dependent on the percentage of your view time to total view time across all streamers. See formula:

The best you can do to make the maximum amount of money on LiveEdu is:

a) Stream in teaching mode (educational content)
b) Stream at regular schedule each week
c) Follow our content promotion guide to promote your streams and videos
d) Build a following on LiveEdu
e) Stream premium projects because premium content creators get paid more
f) Encourage your viewers to buy LiveEdu Pro
g) Stream project topics that appeal to a lot of people

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  • Igor Kalamurda

    I asked support about some examples with numbers twice and they promise that they will send me some examples in next day, but twice they did not do that (( bad support

  • Ricardo Neves

    Is there someone that can give some real numbers? Like how many times streams for week and how much it was paid by liveedu…


    We are working on the new UX where there will be a streamer dashboard with his monthly subscription and advertising revenue pay outs:

  • Fwiw, I can confirm they sent us a transfer 🙂 it was very much appreciated and is more than we saw in twitch donations for sure. Our stream has been a little infrequent (flu season), but if you noticed in their UX test boards – they will have a stats dashboard in the upcoming changes.

  • Can you give real sample with actual numbers, not just theory? Thanks a lot!

  • Aaron Beavers

    How does one know how much view time they have? Streams have a display of total number of views, but I have never seen any indication of how much view time we have. Is this figured out just “total time streamed x total views”, or is it more complex than that?

    Also, how can we figure out how many total view hours the site its self has had?

  • Did this post change? I swear it used to say that “Premium BLOG Projects” made money also. And that “Premium TUTORIAL Projects” made more than “Premium BLOG Projects” but now it’s like you took that out of this post?? It only talks about Premium “tutorial” Projects as the way to make money now.


      No. There are no premium blog projects. No body will pay for such content as the content is not structured and less educational.

  • shieldgenerator7

    So “view time on your content” is the amount of time people watched your stream, per viewer? Or is it only the length of time that you stream?
    So, getting 100 viewers means more view time than 10 viewers does?


      Total view tiem = 0.6 ( total livestream view time )+ 0.4 (total video view time)
      Livestreams are given a 60% weight and videos 40%

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