Changes coming to Project Channel, Premium Content and LiveEdu Pro


We are excited to announce the pending release coming to Each of the changes is incorporated with the help of the feedback that we got from you. The main goal of the change is to make high-quality content easy to find and launch premium content for users with paid pro subscription. Let’s discuss them below one by one.

1. Switch to Project Page

As announced in 2016, we are moving from channel page to project page. Going forward when you think of LiveEdu, imagine project pages instead of channel pages. With the new project page approach, each project has its own URL. When viewers visit a project page, they will see the live channel and also the past video playlist under the same URL.

E.g. project URL:


This huge change has three big benefits. First, viewers can swiftly go through all old videos related to a project without manually searching for each. Second, streamers don’t have to do manual work to create project playlist anymore. Third, each project page serves as a portfolio.

You can read more about the change in detail in the update article we published last year, Moving from Normal Channel to Project Channel and Video to Project Playlist.

2. Tutorial and Blog Projects

Since we have moved away from singular channels, a streamer can create multiple projects on LiveEdu, and each project will have its own URL. When creating a project, a streamer can choose to create a tutorial or a blog project.


Starting a New Project

Tutorial projects are projects where the streamer is in full teaching mode and includes a project overview and resources that viewers can download for practice. These live project sessions are educational, interactive, and engaging, e.g. “How to create Flappy Bird on Android platform.”

Below is a screenshot of an example tutorial project.


Blog projects are projects where the streamers are working on their projects and not primarily interested in teaching. In a blog project, the streamer wants to share his project and connect with like-minded peers. For blog projects, streamers can enter into their project diary a description of what they plan to work on in each session. Basically, the project diary enables viewers to know what the streamer is working on or had worked in the past.

Below is a screenshot of an example blog project.


Highlighting of Quality Content

As already announced in 2016, to highlight quality content from the average and crappy content, three labels are used to visualize the quality of each content on LiveEdu — premium and free. A tutorial or blog project can be either premium or free content. The livestream directory page and project directory page will showcase content based on their quality for viewers to know what to expect.


The new labels

Premium label is mainly assigned to live and on-demand tutorial projects that are of high quality. They are presented well by the streamer and are easy to follow by viewers. LiveEdu content team will suggest to selected streamers, sample premium projects to stream or pick current projects on the site which are suitable for premium. Premium live, and on-demand projects are paid content, and the user needs a LiveEdu Pro subscription to access it. There will be a revenue share with streamers who create premium content.

Free content comprises of everything that is not Premium content. Free content can be either interactive or silent. We will highlight the videos that are interactive and which are not interactive so that users know where to go. Users don’t require a LiveEdu Pro subscription to access the free content. Streamers can make money from Ad revenue.

Moving to focus mainly on premium content

To encourage streamers to stream high-quality content, going forward LiveEdu will market only premium content streams as they are easy to monetize and also supports paying streamers who are creating high-quality content.

It is expected that streamers streaming interactive content drive their own viewers on their project page. We have written a manual “LiveEdu Streamer Bible” which streamers can follow to drive viewers to their project page. This guide explains how to set up your stream professionally, automatically announce your stream on social media to friends and peers, acquire and retain viewers, use pro tools for running an effective stream, create a learning environment, and make money. If you are streaming non-premium content, read the streamer bible in detail to discover more tips.

With a LiveEdu Pro monthly subscription of just $14.95 (i.e. $0.48/day), users get the benefits of both Pro viewer and streamer.


LiveEdu Pro Account

Pro users can access and watch all premium live and on-demand projects. They can watch streams using adaptive bitrate streaming in high, medium or low quality based on their internet speed. They will not be distracted by the display and video ads. They can download videos and project files. They also enjoy 24 hour support response time.

Streamers can benefit from the Pro subscription. None of their videos and projects will be deleted even if they do meet the deletion policy. Also, the streamers can easily opt out of archiving if they want. They get access to team channel which can be set according to their choice. Furthermore, they can set their projects to private and only give access to selected people.


There it is! We have discussed all the new changes that are coming to LiveEdu. The main goal of the change is to make high-quality content easy to find and launch premium content for users with paid pro subscription. Do you have questions or anything to add? Comment below and let us know.

  • shieldgenerator7

    How do you classify premium, interactive, and silent streams? What qualities about a stream get it categorized one or the other?

  • coogi

    Just seems that everything is becoming monetised. It went from a fun coding community where everyone was relaxed to this forced education based streaming service for programming. I’ve been here since the early days and it doesn’t look like LCTV is going in the right direction. Even the rebranding makes no sense, “LiveCoding” was straight to the point and on the ball. Common sense would have been to open a sister website designed for educational live streams or a specific category for it. Not forcing a whole rebrand. I don’t know who’s in charge of company direction and marketing but fire them. This is becoming a live-streaming version of ‘Treehouse’. I’ve never known a company to go from originality to this in a few years. You should of aimed to refreshen the website’s look, build partnerships with clients and improved on features. It just seems like its a one man show right now.

    • coogi


      Don’t get me wrong, there are some great features listed but don’t attempt to turn LCTV into something that it wasn’t designed to be otherwise someone will still your spotlight. I don’t want to see that happen.


        Thanks for the comment. Interesting, that people still compare us to Twitch. We are not really like Twitch but more like a hybrid of and Twitch. The educational aspect is key for us. 8 out of 10 viewers come for the educational aspect. No, as explained in the blog article above LiveEdu is not focused on absolute beginner content like on Udemy/TeamTreehouse/Codecademy. We are building the world’s biggest project library on any topic. LiveEdu wants to be the place on the web for projects.

        Just as we started with initially we are still focused on real practical projects, i.e. projects people can study to improve their technical job skills. Only change is that we are moving to focus more on premium content and add related topics besides programming. Creating educational content is unlike streaming a finished game on Twitch time intensive. Premium content draws most viewers and also is monetizable for the streamers creating them. Good streamers will not stream daily for no payment. Viewers only do watch content long when it is educational. Silent and boring streams where viewers learn nothing are not watched which makes the content pretty useless. More details here:

        In additions streaming is a very expensive enterprise and we have to cover longterm company operational costs to keep running the service.

  • Jeroen Martens

    Can we remove the forced signup / registration process after watching 2 livestreams. It holds back the amount of viewers. Whats the whole idea behind the forced signup ? If you would like to create a community perhaps implements something like the envato badge reward system ?

  • Dan Aldridge

    I would also hope that you guys are working towards some kind of spam prevention, since we streamers seem to be getting hit with it quite a bit recently…

  • Yea I see no point in announcing new features unless we can somehow beta test them or you have some special url to check out working examples of this. What’s the point of posting it if you can’t allow people to test it yet?

  • I would hope this new update fixes the issue where previous videos listed were not sorted by most recent date and showing up with random order. It’s really annoying me.


      We are wrapping it up and completing some unexpected issues

  • Byte Schmiede

    I like it. But there is no release date. When do you release this feature?

  • James Pain

    Fantastic work. I’m fully in support of all these changes. Keep up the good work

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