How to create a Premium Project Tutorial on LiveEdu


In this article, we will focus on steps that a premium content creator needs to take to create a Premium Project Tutorial on LiveEdu.

We have already covered, “How to create a ‘Tutorial Project’?”. Read the article to understand how to create a “tutorial project.” The same process is required to create “Premium Project Tutorial,” however, there are some things that you need to take care of to get your project in the “Premium” category.

In short, premium tutorial project needs to look more professional than simple tutorial projects.

You should also check out the Project New Layout: What’s New?, to understand the basic layout of a project page. Once you are well-versed with the project layout, check the other requirements/steps.

We have also added the ability to upload videos on LiveEdu. This means that premium content creator can record videos offline and upload them later. You can read, “Video Upload on LiveEdu” to know the complete process.

List of things that a “Premium” tutorial project must have:

  1. All the metadata should be completely filled.
  2. The stream schedule which is clearly visible on the project page.
  3. The project scope should be clearly mentioned.
  4. The content creator should set a fixed project streaming schedule, e.g. Weekly: 2 PM Wed, Tues, and Friday.
  5. Streams will be announced on schedule two days before the stream starts.
  6. Create downloadable resources in the zip format after each session

Not sure how a “Premium Tutorial Project” looks like? Check out the Premium project for an easy reference.


Before you start your first premium stream, LiveEdu content creators relations team([email protected]) will check some basic things to ensure quality:

  • Your stream settings to ensure your screen is readable.
  • Audio works fine.
  • The stream is smooth and pleasant to watch.
  • Your project scope is fully filled out.
  • Your resource file is uploaded.
  • Your streams are pre-announced.
  • Based on your availability and that of the target viewers we will discuss best hours to host the streams every week.

Step by step process for creating a Premium Project Tutorial on LiveEdu:

  1. Both LiveEdu and content creators take part in choosing the project together. If the content creator doesn’t have their own idea, we provide them a list of projects to choose from.
  2. After selection, project overview is created by us and sent to the content creator. The content creator can then edit if he thinks that something is missing.
  3. The content creator now creates the project on the site and fill out everything properly.
  4. We do a 5 minutes test stream to see if everything goes well technically. Check OBS Guide to ensure everything is setup properly.
  5. Right after the test stream, we stay on the channel and record the intro video immediately.
    (script to follow)
  6. We create a splash screen.
  7. We mark your project as premium.

That’s it! The content creator can now proceed to livestream the project on the scheduled date or record the videos offline and upload them.

Note: The project can only start two days after the process is completed, not before.

The above process is simple and can be easily done in less than an hour.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and create your first, “Premium Project Tutorial” on LiveEdu. You can also use the comments section below if you have any questions.

If I am a premium content creator, can I stream on another site?

Yes, but not the same project for which you created premium content exclusively for LiveEdu. You can stream other unrelated projects on any other site.

If I am a premium content creator, can I stream free projects on LiveEdu?

Yes, but not the same project for which you created premium content on LiveEdu. You can stream other unrelated projects.

How much Money can I earn as a premium content creator?

Content creators get paid subscription and advertising revenue. It is not of course meant to be lucrative like a fulltime job. Think of it as a hobby where you make some money. LiveEdu monetizes both the livestreams and videos. So even after a project is completed and it has view time content creator will get paid. Monthly pay out depends on:  1. How educational your content is  2. Your presentation style  3. How structured your tutorial project is  4. How popular the project is with viewers. 5. How you contribute in promoting the project on social media.

Can I stream multiple premium projects at the same time?

Yes! We encourage content creators to create multiple premium projects at the same time.

How can I make the most money on LiveEdu?

Create multiple premium projects at same time.

Why do viewers have to pay for watching the content?

We are chasing paying viewers (customers) and not pure eyeballs (users). Our focus is mainly monetizable educational tutorial projects viewers will pay for (premium projects).

For more info read, New pricing plans: LiveEdu is switching to focus mainly on paying viewers and premium projects.

Can viewers also watch the premium project playlist videos?

Yes, over 50% of users watch videos because they live in different time zones or are busy at work/school when a livestream takes place.

Do I have to pay if I want to produce premium content?


How can I choose a project to stream?

We collected suggestions from viewers on premium projects they want to watch. You can pick one project and deliver an impressive educational project.

Here is the list of project you can stream: Project Ideas

Can I make my resource files open source?

NO! You should never upload it to other sites. Project repository MUST BE EXCLUSIVE to LiveEdu.

If you do upload on any other site (GitHub, Bitbucket, etc…) and make it publicly available, we will not be able to pay you anything as you are giving viewers the content for free instead of us monetizing it.

If you already uploaded it publicly, please remove and upload only on LiveEdu.

Can I market my Premium Project Tutorials?

Yes! Always market it on social media, blogs, and other sites. Here is the guidance on how you can market your streams: Market Your Streams

If I miss a stream, can I create video offline and upload it?

Yes, you can. It is up to you if you want to livestream your entire project, upload content as video or do a mix of both.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and create your first, “Premium Project Tutorial” on LiveEdu. You can also use the comments section below if you have any questions.

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  • I just wanted to take a moment and say, you guys really go above and beyond to make sure your answer as many questions as possible in your blog posts. I’ve never walked away with questions, and that is rare in this day and age of never ending ambiguity – thank you 🙂

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