What is the difference between a “Blog project” and “Tutorial project” on LiveEdu?


Are you confused between “Blog Project” and “Tutorial Project”? In this article, we will try to differentiate between the two and understand when to use them.

With the new update, you can create two types of projects, Blog or Tutorial. Each of them has its own usage and care should be taken by the streamer while creating a project so that it doesn’t fall in the wrong category.

Before we dive deep into the difference, let’s try to understand them.

Blog projects: Blog projects are projects where the streamers are working on their projects and not primarily interested in teaching. In a blog project, the streamer wants to share his project and connect with like-minded peers. For blog projects, streamers can enter into their project diary a description of what they plan to work on in each session. Basically, the project diary enables viewers to know what the streamer is working on or had worked in the past.

Tutorial projects: Tutorial projects are projects where the streamer is in full teaching mode and includes a project overview and resources that viewers can download for practice. These live project sessions are educational, interactive, and engaging, e.g. “How to create Flappy Bird on Android platform.”

Difference between a “blog project” and “Tutorial project” on LiveEdu

Blog ProjectTutorial Project
1. Not intended for teaching.1. Intended for teaching.
2. Not structured and planned.2. Structure and planned.
3. Streamers can use project diary to explain what they are doing and help viewers to follow the project.3. Tutorial project overview and downloadable project resource folder.
4. In blog project, there is no requirement to declare what you are doing or what you will do in future.4. Tutorial projects should be structured. The streamer should be clear on what he is going to cover in the tutorial. He should also let the viewers know about future content that will be covered in later videos.
5. Blog project can or cannot be educational, interactive or engaging.5. Tutorial projects must be educational, interactive and engaging.

Let’s see an example of a tutorial project and how it looks like.


Now compare it to a “blog project”.


And that’s it! Have anything to add to the content? Comment below and let us know.

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  • Maybe put some help text or alt text on this section with a link to here. Because it was not intuitive for me to figure out and there was no help text or alt text describing the difference.

    • Livecoding.tv

      Good point and suggestion. We are addition product education layer on top of the sections where explanations are likely needed

  • Vivek Dubey

    Clearly, tutorial projects are more interactive. Streamers who are not interested in communicating with their audience, can easily select blog project and work on their own terms. Also, tutorial project require some preparation, whereas blog projects is more natural and diversed.

    • I challenge the use of the word clearly. Maybe only after you have read this blog post, but the UX should make that unnecessary.

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