How the existing LiveEdu Community will benefit from the Indiegogo campaign


Making quality education accessible to learners is the utmost priority for LiveEdu. In the past one year, we have had a lot of changes made to our platform, and this includes the introduction of Premium Project tutorials which takes interactivity to a whole new level. This recent update has also introduced many new topics which are in high-demand right now in the market.

To keep the community thriving, we have also introduced the LiveEdu Indiegogo campaign. The campaign aims to deliver multiple benefits to both learners and content creators. The main goal of the campaign is to build out the LiveEdu premium tutorial catalogue.

Learn more about the Indiegogo Campaign by visiting the official page:

The campaign will not only help us to improve our services but also help the existing LiveEdu community in many ways. Let’s go through the six ways the existing LiveEdu community will benefit immensely from the Indiegogo campaign.

1. Higher number of Premium Projects

Right now, we have a small collection of Premium Projects. The community is composed of diverse learners who are interested in different topics. As you already know by now, LiveEdu Indiegogo campaign’s main goal is to build out the new LiveEdu premium tutorial catalogue.

The backers will have the chance to request one or more premium project tutorials on LiveEdu, thereby increasing the number of Premium Projects that we have on our site. In this way, the whole community will be able to learn a wide variety of topics and projects.

2. Increase in number of learners who are on the same level

The Indiegogo campaign will bring more learners to the platform. This will increase the number of learners who are on the same-level. For example, there would be many learners who might be interested in learning Unity, and with the Indiegogo campaign, those learners will become a part of the community and give the current LiveEdu learners a chance to work with more peers with the same learning curve and interests.


3. Collecting custom Premium Projects

If you visit other learning platforms, you will see a trend on how they choose the projects. Almost all of them are popular and doesn’t solve a specific requirement for the learners. These other learning platforms don’t have a custom way of learning, and the only way is to go through the “popular” projects or courses.

With the help of LiveEdu Indiegogo campaign,  we will be able to collect custom Premium Projects. This will ensure that the projects we are creating match the demand of the learners. No other platform on the internet takes learners’ requirement the way we do.

Custom Premium Projects will also enable content creators to work on the direct requests from the learners. As it is a direct request from the community, the custom projects will always be watched and appreciated by the learners.

4. Increase in the number of topics on LiveEdu

Our new update has seen the introduction of six new topics: data science, design, VR & AR, AI, and cryptocurrencies. All these six topics are relatively new technologies, and there are a lot of career opportunities for people who excel in any one of them.

As we have added the new topics, learners will be able to request projects related to them, opening new learning avenues. As such Learners will excel at a particular topic and prove their skills in the market.

Content creators, on the other hand, will have the chance to work on exciting topics and thus help to grow the community. They will also be able to play a huge role in fulfilling the talent demand for the new technologies in the market.


5. More topics for Content Creators to work on

Indiegogo campaign will not only help learners to learn diverse topics but also enable the content creators to work on exciting new topics. Content creators will have a plethora of projects to choose from. They will know what learners want and will be ready to tackle the concerned projects in their own unique way and experience.

The campaign will open new ways for content creators to share their knowledge and monetize their skills in the best possible way.

6. Expansion and improvement of the LiveEdu streaming clusters

Streaming quality is an important factor in user experience. The LiveEdu Indiegogo campaign will help us improve on it. After the campaign, we plan to expand our streaming cluster nodes around the world, especially in Europe and Asia.

With an improved infrastructure behind the platform, learners will be able to watch streams without buffering. The streams and videos will also load faster.

Existing users who are currently having issues with streaming projects will see an improvement after the Indiegogo campaign.

Before we end, let’s take a look at the different goodies that people can get by pledging in the Indiegogo campaign.


So, what do you think about the benefits of the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign? Let us know in the comment section below. We are listening.

  • michael wade

    I am really excited on how things are turning out for LiveEdu. The crowdfunding campaign can really change the whole platform and push it towards success. Best of luck from my side.

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