The Future of LiveEdu Ecosystem for Existing Project Creators

Hi guys! Round I of the LiveEdu ICO closed on Thursday, Jan 25th and we reached the hard cap of $10M.

First, I want to apologize to all existing LiveEdu project creators. In the last three months we have not focused on product development and catering to you. It has been challenging for us running the ICO and servicing users. The good news is that we have $10M to invest in content creation and can pay project creators well. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong and solid ecosystem where our project creators can fully finance their lives with income on LiveEdu.

Project creators that in the past completed and created popular education projects will be paid EDU tokens for past premium projects they created. Dusan will be in touch with you on Skype with details 🙂
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LiveEdu is building the YouTube for online education and professional development. We are taking one category out of YouTube and building it out into a bigger category of its own. Just as Twitch took the category gaming out of YouTube and built it into its own large vertical, LiveEdu is taking the category professional development out of YouTube. In 2019, the ecosystem will be opened for all topics. For now LiveEdu is an app blockchain company and using ERC20 smart contracts, but in 2021 LiveEdu will build its own protocol. Simply put LiveEdu is building the Steemit for professional development and targeting the $306 billion professional development market.

Why did we do an ICO? This was done in the best interest of our users, you, the project creators. This successful ICO will provide us with the resources, both financial and non-financial to build the LiveEdu ecosystem on a bigger scale and at a faster rate.

As project creators, you will be rewarded EDU coins as partial compensation for your work. Thirteen percent (13%) of all coins, minted for  the ICO, are reserved for you and will be distributed over a 3-year period until all project creator coins are allocated.

We are excited to have your subject matter expertise to help us build our future technologies ecosystem. With your help we will build the world’s largest project learning network starting with the eight topics: Artificial intelligence, Cybersecurity, Game Development, Data Science, Cryptocurrencies, Programming, Design, and Augmented and Virtual Reality. You can read more about these topics and their subcategories in this article.


How will EDU coins be used in the LiveEdu ecosystem?

EDU coins will be fully integrated into all core modules and transactions on LiveEdu: payment all financial transactions; reward project creators, learners, site moderators, and API ecosystem developers. If you want more details you can read more in this article or the whitepaper.

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Benefits for Existing LiveEdu Project Creators

– Make more money and get EDU coins
– Full participation in the success of LiveEdu long term
– Global streaming cluster coverage
– Improvement of live and video streaming quality
– More topics and subcategories
– Projects in Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese
– LiveEdu project screens: More exposure and branding
– More LiveEdu paying users

Since the ICO is over, we will get back to normal business operations supporting viewers and project creators. We are soon going to start UX and design work on the new LiveEdu platform and mobile apps. EDU coins will be fully integrated into the new version and it is going to have a great user experience.

Wednesday, 6pm GMT there is going to be a LiveEdu live stream on the channel.
The goal is to discuss the LiveEdu roadmap with viewers and project creators and explain how we plan to deploy the $10M over the next 2 years.

We will be opening an office in Los Angeles area and begin hiring. If you want to apply submit your resume to

If you have any ideas or suggestions, post them in the comments section below.

Thanks for your patience!

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