How will broadcasters make money on

how-will-broadcaster-make-money-on-livecoding aims to help broadcasters reach a wider audience and also make money in the process. So far we have paid over $200,000 in donations and mentorship subscriptions out to broadcasters. With a clear understanding of the needs of the broadcasters and to value their time on the website, the broadcasters can now monetize their content on in different ways.

Content monetization is not new on, but this time, new changes are coming to ensure proper growth for our broadcasters.

There are 5 ways broadcasters will make money on Some of these monetization models have already been released while others are pending to be fully implemented. In next weeks to come, we are going to fully build out these monetization models for broadcasters.

How broadcasters will make money on Livecoding

1. Support Project

We are going to turn donations into “Support Project”. A supporter can support a project with a monthly amount, e.g. $5/month. So the donation becomes a monthly subscription. If a user wants to donate  only once he can  “cancel project support” button on his transactions dashboard.

So far, Livecoding has paid out over $170,000 in donations to broadcasters. The first thing that you need to know about donations is that now they are paid directly to you without any interference from Once the broadcaster’s PayPal account is set, they are ready to receive donations from viewers.

Donations are given by viewers or other broadcasters who love your broadcast. A pattern is clearly seen among broadcasters who receive regular donations. First, they stream regularly and always start their broadcast on time. Secondly, they interact with their audience by using both webcam and mic. They also focus on helping viewers by explaining the concepts used in the project.

Kreskow, a 15-year old broadcaster from Poland get regular donations for following the three basic requirements.

  • Stream regularly and be on time.
  • Interact with your audience and play nice.
  • Explain concepts while you work on your project.
  • Mention Donators name on your channel. This will encourage them to donate in future.
make money on Livecoding

Kreskow mentioning donaters name on his channel

To keep your donations flowing in for a long-term period, you need to regularly broadcast and build a loyal audience. It is very common to see regular donations from a single person. With time, you can gain a more loyal audience, increasing your donation amount every month.

2. Ads on Channel and Videos is bringing ads money for the broadcaster. This means that ads will be displayed on our website using a different medium. Currently, we have decided on three types of Ads.

  • Video Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Newsletter Ads will manage all the ads. The broadcaster, on the other hand, will get all the money generated from the ads on his channel/video after small processing fee.


Broadcasters who have a better approach to their streams bound to get more money out of the Ads. So, how can earn more Ad money? To do so, you need to follow the below-mentioned points.

  • Make sure that your channel is set up professionally.
  • Ensure that your channel details are complete.
  • Make sure to broadcast interesting projects.
  • Ensure that you use informative stream title and description.

For a long-term benefit from the Ads money, you need to create educational content such as tutorials, complete projects and another form of content that is worth sharing. Our team will market great videos, increasing your money intake from Ads.

3. Channel Sponsorship & Product Placement

Channel Sponsorship & Product placement is a unique way for a broadcaster to explore their potential and expertise. With more and more products, services and tools coming out, it is inevitable that they need to be marketed to their respective audience. offers the right audience for all the new and old technologies, enabling any company, service or individual developer to reach the right audience.

A company can choose a broadcaster to help market their product/service or tool. After being chosen as a product evangelist, the broadcaster will build products and demonstrate the core functionalities of the company’s product.


The whole session will be recorded and organized into a playlist which can be downloaded and shared to a different medium such as YouTube. Being a product evangelist, you might also need to write blog posts on the apps you are building using the company’s tools, services or product. Moreover, you need to push the whole code to GitHub repo so that anyone can fork the code and use it.

For example, Microsoft decides to market their .NET framework on Livecoding. They will go through the best broadcaster who are proficient at their technology. Once chosen, the broadcaster needs to work on the technology for a period decided by Microsoft. The broadcaster will be compensated $X/month for the channel sponsorship.

What you need to do to become a product evangelist

Becoming a product evangelist is no joke. It requires discipline, grit, and knowledge. You also need to make sure of the following points to be considered by companies to become a product evangelist.

  • Your channel is set up professionally.
  • You know how to explain things to viewers.
  • You can retain viewers and get them coming back each week.
  • You behave professionally on your channel.
  • You have a good fan base.

4. Freelance marketplace: Private lessons

We paid out so far over $30,000 in mentorship money to broadcasters. The data we collected from the code mentorship experiment showed us that there is great demand for the mentorship. The main issue though is that the monthly subscription price point is hard for broadcasters to make meaningful money and second the mentees request more time than expected. To have a model which works well both for mentors and mentees we are going to turn the mentorship into private lessons where the mentees pay per hour for the private lessons. Paying hourly will ensure the mentor dedicates full time and the mentee gets the most value.


As a mentor, you can be hired for a private lesson in the languages you are best in. To ensure quality, we will be pre-approving mentors before you show on site as a mentor activated for giving private lessons.

If you are a private teacher, the private lessons on Livecoding will be a great source of lead generation for you. You get hired to teach and do what you already love.

To become a mentor, you need to take care of the following requirement.

  • At least three years’ experience in the language you want to mentor
  • At least 25 followers
  • At least 25 stream hours
  • At least 1000 views
  • Good quality stream
  • Your channel and profile must be fully filled out so mentees know what your skills are.

5. Freelance Marketplace: Contract work

Freelancing has turned out to be the most popular form of job that clients request. We are moving our attention from full-time jobs to focus fully on freelancing. We will now focus on building our freelance marketplace, and everyone including viewers and the broadcaster can take part in the freelance marketplace and get hired. The marketplace will be focused on freelance contracts where individuals, companies, startups can post their requirements and get them fulfilled.

How can you become eligible for freelance jobs posted on freelance marketplace? You just need to follow the basic requirement.

  • Have your profile page completely filled up. No employer would hire a freelancer with half or empty filled profile.
  • List your past projects on your profile page.
  • Make sure that you provide a professional user image on your profile. Don’t skip on this, believe us! A great image can increase your chances to be hired.
  • Even though it is not completely necessary, but regular broadcaster gets more exposure through their work. So, if you can, broadcast some of your work on and make your profile strong.
  • Share your profile using social media.


What’s next?

Clearly, we are trying to make a platform for not only sharing knowledge among engineers but enable them to reach their true potential by getting amazing opportunity to make money on Livecoding.

So, how you are going to use to make money? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Javier ExpoCode

    Question: If possible to become a Spanish Mentor in or this platform is focus only on English Speaking people?

    • John

      Hi, Javier
      Yes, you can be a Spanish Mentor. There are no limitations and language barriers to be a mentor on the website. You can find people from across the Globe using the Website.
      Hope this helps.
      If you have any other questions don’t hesitate in clarifying your doubts.
      LCTV Team.

      • Javier ExpoCode

        Perfect and thanks you John.

  • Edgar Burkhart

    This is fantastic.

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