How to Chat on Using an External XMPP Client

Now you can chat on using an external XMPP client. To use this feature follow these steps

  • Download and install Gajim (an external XMPP Client), you can also use Jabber. After installation select “I already have I want to use” and press forward button
    • Here are some useful  XMPP Clients for Windows, Mac, Android and iPhone users



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Than enter your user name + as a Jabber ID and password.If you don’t have a password yet (social account signup), you can set by following this.login

If you have signed up with social account and don’t have password, you can create a password under channel settings, 

Click on set password optionqww

Enter a password and click on “Set password” buttondddd

After login right click on highlighted — Select join Group chat —- then click join new group chat.


After that fill your nick name, and in server enter “”, If you know the user name of streamer you want to chat with “enter his/her user name in room and click join”


And it will takes you to Wild’s chat Roomchat

Accounts and IP addresses which engage in spamming other users will be blocked or  eventually banned. So please don’t use the external chat client for spamming others.

So, download Gajim and start chatting now ☺

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  • karolyi

    any chance of SSL/TLS authentication? It doesn’t seem to work for me.

  • Роман Зайруллин

    But if i need port-number for connect to

    • Thomas Crane

      By default it uses port 80 on http and port 443 for https. If you want to set up port forwarding you can set it up on your router and update the port number in the XMPP client settings.

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