LiveEdu ICO Post-Christmas – NYEdTech Week, YouTube AMA & Future Events

Hi all,

We hope everyone had an enjoyable time with family and friends for the holidays. Here’s what we’ve been up to recently and some of our future plans for the LiveEdu ICO.

NYEdTech Week & Future Events

We attended NYEdtech Week and it was a blast as we pitched LiveEdu to edtech investors and other attendees. Michael presented the LiveEdu ICO and explained how the LiveEdu future technology learning ecosystem will look.



LiveEdu will be pitching at many more events next year. It will be a great time to meet and chat with us. Meet the LiveEdu team members at these events:

Coin Agenda, Las Vegas – January 7-8, 2018 


Michael Terpin – Coin Agenda Founder & Conference Director

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 5.03.35 PM


CES Digital Money Forum, Las Vegas – January 9, 2018

World Crypto Economic Forum (WCEF), San Francisco – January 15-16, 2018

D10e, Cayman Islands – January 27-30, 2018

Blockchain Forum, Dubai – February 5-6, 2018

LAT Blockchain Economic Forum, Singapore – February 4-6, 2018

YouTube Live AMA

The next YouTube AMA is this Friday Dec. 29th 2017 at 8am PST. We will be there to answer questions and discuss our vision, roadmap and future plans.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 6.14.23 PM

LiveEdu T-Shirts & Cap Delivery

If you contribute at least $1000, fill out your delivery address here. Use the same email you used to submit your contribution. If the email does not match the one you used for your contribution, your order will not be processed.


  • Kingston

    After the coin Agenda event on 7th, can I actually get a chance to sit down with you guys and chat more about your company? just curious.

    • Yes. If you’re at the event and see us then come say hi and we can discuss some things.

  • TJ Leuter

    I will join the AMA event. I live in Manila Philippine, can I get LiveEdu T-Shirts & Cap delivered to my country?

    • Yes you can get them delivered to you. We offer free shipping up to $15. You will just have to pay the difference for delivery if it’s extra.

  • Terry Talker

    Good to know. I will surely be there at the first event. Long live LiveEdu 🙂

  • Ted Keptner

    Thanks for the info. I will join the AMA event tomorrow but will not stay long. Are you sponsoring these Events or you are just a participant?

    • We are pitching at almost all of them. Some of them we also sponsor, but details will be shared for each event. For example, for Coin Agenda next month we are conference bag sponsor, pitching our ICO and Michael is giving a presentation on Uses Cases of Blockchain in Online Education

  • Bill Lukas

    Nice. A perfect step into next year with LiveEdu. I will join your YouTube AMA tomorrow…

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