LiveEdu Indiegogo Campaign Bounty Program


There is a ‘LiveEdu Indiegogo Campaign Bounty Program’ for people who help run the Indiegogo campaign and promote it on social media, blogs, and forums. We have PS4, Spotify, Facebook, Google Play, Xbox and Airbnb gifts cards for the bounty participants.

A bounty program is where you can invest your time and help grow the Indiegogo campaign. In return, you will receive amazing gift cards. The more likes and shares your post gets, the higher the value of the gift card you will get. However, the value of the gift card will range from $10 to $25.

Available gift cards

  • PS4 Gift Cards
  • Spotify eGift Card
  • Facebook eGift Card
  • Xbox Gift Card.
  • Airbnb eGift Card
  • Google Play Gift Code

Here is the list of prizes that you will get by promoting the Indiegogo LiveEdu Campaign.

Posts Promotion

Type of promotionMake Posts inRewardsRelated Reads
Posts(Facebook)25+ tech or design groups with 5000+ members inFacebookGet a chance to win one of the available gift cards:How to make posts in Facebook?
Posts(Google+)50+ tech groups with 5000+ members inGoogle+Get a chance to win one of the available gift cards:How to make posts in Google+?
PostsMake a blog post on with LiveEdu Indiegogo Link (on blogs with more than 100k monthly traffic)Get one of the available cards
PostsMake post with LiveEdu Indiegogo link on your Facebook page andtag50+ friends or share it on your social media profile (Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.)Get one of the available cards for Facebook Tags or get a chance to win Xbox Gift Card for other social media platforms.Facebook:


Email Promotion

Type of promotionSend toRewards
Email10 friendsChance to win a Xbox Gift Card
Email25 friendsChance to win a Airbnb eGift Card
Email50 friendsChance to win one of available gift cards:

If you want to participate just contact support or send message to [email protected]

  • Jacob marshall

    Bounty program looks promising for those who really care about the campaign. Not only that it does gives some good incentive to those who love bounties and want to make some good money.

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