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Howdy? I hope your new week started well. With the new LiveEdu release, we will be launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo in August. The main goal behind the campaign is to collect premium tutorial project suggestions from viewers and promote premium tutorial projects on LiveEdu. If you give a pledge, you will get a LiveEdu Pro subscription, and you can also request a premium tutorial project from the fields programming, game development, data analytics, design, VR & AR, AI, and cryptocurrencies. The pledges will be centered around the 1-month, 6-month or 12-month subscription on LiveEdu and will give you access to premium projects for the topics you selected. A discount will be given to the first backers, and when you pledge a certain amount, you’ll also get LiveEdu goodies like T-shirts, caps or stickers.

Check out the official Indiegogo Campaign Page for a better visual experience!

‘LiveEdu is a live and video tutorial learning platform where content creators teach learners how to build real products. Use practical tutorial projects to learn how to build products from the fields programming, game development, data analytics, design, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies.’

Pledges are an important part of the LiveEdu Indiegogo campaign. Every pledge will get a LiveEdu Pro subscription and a request for premium tutorial project. However, there are multiple benefits for pledging for 1-month, 3 month, 6 month, or 12 month subscription. All our pledges surround the LiveEdu Pro subscription.

Positive Vibes Pledge

You pledge an amount of $5. You get what we are trying to do and we appreciate your pledge. Thank you for the positive vibes.

Early Bird Pledges

Early bird pledges will be limited. After the limited pledges are exhausted, you can only do normal pledges. You can find all the information below.

1 Month Pro Pledge


3 Month Pro Pledge


6 Month Pro Pledge


12 Month Pro Pledge


Epic Pro Pledge

  1. $500 pledge – You will get the All (All topics) 12 months package. You will also be able to work one-on-one with a content creator on one custom project.
  2. $1000 pledge – You will get the All (All topics) 12 months package. You will also be able to work one-on-one with a content creator on one custom project. In addition to the above two benefits, you can take part in the development of official Bot & Plugins for LiveEdu that will be used by over 1 million people.


LiveEdu Indiegogo Campaign Bounty Program

indiegogo campagin

There is a ‘LiveEdu Indiegogo Campaign Bounty Program’ for people who help run the Indiegogo campaign and promote it on social media, blogs, and forums. We have PS4, Spotify, Facebook, Google Play, Xbox and Airbnb gifts cards for the bounty participants.

A bounty program is where you can invest your time and help grow the Indiegogo campaign. In return, you will receive amazing gift cards. The more likes and shares your post gets, the higher the value of the gift card you will get. However, the value of the gift card will range from $10 to $25.

Available gift cards

  • PS4 Gift Cards
  • Spotify eGift Card
  • Facebook eGift Card
  • Xbox Gift Card.
  • Airbnb eGift Card
  • Google Play Gift Code

Here is the list of prizes that you will get by promoting the Indiegogo LiveEdu Campaign.

Posts Promotion

Type of promotionMake Posts inRewardsRelated Reads
Posts(Facebook)25+ tech or design groups with 5000+ members inFacebookGet a chance to win one of the available gift cards:How to make posts in Facebook?
Posts(Google+)50+ tech groups with 5000+ members inGoogle+Get a chance to win one of the available gift cards:How to make posts in Google+?
PostsMake a blog post on with LiveEdu Indiegogo Link (on blogs with more than 100k monthly traffic)Get one of the available cards
PostsMake post with LiveEdu Indiegogo link on your Facebook page andtag50+ friends or share it on your social media profile (Facebook,Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc.)Get one of the available cards for Facebook Tags or get a chance to win Xbox Gift Card for other social media platforms.Facebook:


Email Promotion

Type of promotionSend toRewards
Email10 friendsChance to win a Xbox Gift Card
Email25 friendsChance to win a Airbnb eGift Card
Email50 friendsChance to win one of available gift cards:

Related Reads: How to send emails to friends.

LiveEdu Indiegogo Campaign Referral Program

There is also the ‘LiveEdu Indiegogo Campaign Referral Program‘ for those who will get paid if they refer somebody to the campaign page and the person pledges.


Indiegogo manages the referral system. All you need to do is share your referral link.

You will get 25% of all purchases which were made by users who came by your link.

There are two more optional referral rewards.

  1. The 2nd tier referral purchases will give you 5%. For example, a user uses your referral to generate his referral link. Any purchases from the 2nd referral link will fetch you 5% of the purchases made using it.
  2. There is also a 200$ bonus referral reward for the best partner. We will decide the winner and contact them accordingly.

So, how do you get started? First, you need to enter your email into the Bounty Program. Once done, we will send you an email containing detailed information and a sheet where you can report your work. You can also choose the gift card you want and also fill out sections about yourself.


After you have completed the said requirement, you can send us a review request on our email message and after careful inspection, we will release the gift card to you!

If you want to be a bounty or referral program participant or have questions regarding the Indiegogo crowdfunding, send an email to Maria (“[email protected]”). Maria will be announcing all updates on the Indiegogo crowdfunding on the website: LiveEdu Indiegogo Campaign.

You can share this page with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit.


1. When will the Indiegogo campaign be officially launched?

We are working on the launch date and will announce it soon.

2. Can I buy multiple pledges?

Yes. No limit.You can even buy 1 million number of pledges 🙂

3. Do you ship the goodies also to countries outside North America?

Yes, but for shipping cost enter your country and check the fees.

4.  Why are you only giving caps and T-shirts for 12-month pledges?

The caps and T-shirts are of high quality and expensive.

5. Can I buy pledges for my family and friends?

Yes, you can buy and pay for the pledges and just add their name and address as delivery points

6. Can I get my subscription activated earlier than mentioned in the campaign?


7. Can I print a custom text on the T-shirt or cap?

Yes, but it will cost $5 more for each text.  For this send us an email to [email protected] with your Indiegogo pledge number and the custom text you want to have.

8. What guarantee do you give that premium project request I submitted will be created?

We do not give 100% guarantee, but if your project is not totally out of the norm we will be able to get one of our over 10,000 content creators to create the project. See a list of project requests already submitted.

9. Can I submit any project requests?

Yes, you can submit any project related to one of the topics that we cover; programming, game development, data analytics, design, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies.

10. What is an example of a  project request and how do I formulate mine?

We advise you to add details, so it is clear for content creators what you are looking for. The more generic your request, the more likely you will not get what you want. Describe the project with specific details. Avoid buzz words.

11. Will the project created on LiveEdu be exactly 1:1  like I requested?

It could be 1:1 or slightly different. There is going to be a lot of similarities between project suggestions.  We might merge closely related projects into one project. It all depends on the type of projects requested overall.

12. How can I join the LiveEdu bounty program to help promote the campaign?

See this article:

13. Am a blogger and journalist. I want to write about your campaign. Do you have files?

Yes, see our media kit here:

14.  How will LiveEdu inform me that my project has been created?

Via your Indiegogo email

15. How will I get my LiveEdu subscription when the delivery date comes?

For the type of subscription, you bought we will send you a unique code with which you can access your subscription

16. Do you already have a big number of premium projects for game development, data analytics, design, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and cryptocurrencies?

No, we don’t. We need time to get content creators to create all the custom premium projects. That is the main reason you cannot ask for your subscription to be activated before the promised delivery date window.

17. Can I opt out to get my subscriptions activated earlier?

No, all Indiegogo pledges are going to be activated in batches. Earliest start for release will be Dec 15, 2017 and latest Feb 1, 2018. The exact date for your batch release will depend on the topics and custom projects you bought pledges for.

18. Which T-shirt and cap sizes do you offer?


19. Can I choose a content creator on LiveEdu myself?

No, LiveEdu matches the projects to content creators

20. Am already an existing LiveEdu Pro user can I buy pledges?


21. Am already an existing LiveEdu Pro content creator can I buy pledges?

Yes. You will get all the Pro benefits for content creators

22. I have LiveEdu Pro account already and just want a T-shirt and cap. Can I buy it?

Yes, you can order as many T-shirts and caps as you want anytime. Send an email with details to: [email protected]

23. Can I buy more T-shirts or caps outside the Indiegogo campaign?

Yes, you can purchase as many Tees as you want.

You can buy the Tees for $20 each if it has no text on it or $25. Send an email with details to: [email protected]

24. I have questions not listed here. How can I reach the LiveEdu team.

You can reach us at: [email protected]

  • Jacob marshall

    I am surprised that it took so much time for LiveEdu to take this route. If it happen earlier, then the platform could have reached its potential by now.

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