LiveEdu Video Deletion Policy


We love contributions. We love how streamers invest their time into creating something meaningful. However, there are some circumstances where the videos are not useful for the community as a whole.

To improve the platform more user-friendly, we have decided to have a video deletion policy. This will ensure that the best content stays and performs well on the platform without the user worrying about spam and low-quality content.

So, how does it all work?


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To ensure that the content on LiveEdu is useful for the viewers, we will delete videos under the following circumstances.

  • Videos with content that violates LiveEdu’s Terms of Service (ToS).
  • Videos that total less than 200 views.

To make sure that your videos are not deleted, you need to do the following.

  • Switch to a Pro account
  • Share your videos to your social media accounts so more people watch the video

Doing one of the above will ensure that your videos remain intact. Do you have questions regarding the video deletion policy? Go ahead, and use the comments section below.

  • >Videos that total less than 200 views.

    ok, but you haven’t told us when you do your rounds, how long does a video stay up for that does NOT have 200 views before it’s deleted?

  • xmetrix xmetrix

    drmjg is a fucking royal cunt

  • Daniel Noel-Davies

    If you’d have told me you were taking a screenshot, I’d have posed!

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