Moving from Normal Channel to Project Channel and Video to Project Playlist


We have been collecting a lot of user feedback in the last 12 months and also watching how people use Livecoding and engage with channels, videos, and playlists. Now is the time to combine all the feedback and what we learned to improve Livecoding with the upcoming v2.5 part II release.

We are moving from the fundamental architecture of Livecoding to a new model which fits the way viewers and broadcasters use Livecoding, namely in a project based approach. The main changes will be to the channel, video and playlist pages. Going forward when you think of Livecoding, you will think of projects instead of channels.

It will all be about projects, projects, and projects. Each project will have a single URL link for both the project live channel and project video playlist. The new update will enable viewers to find content quickly, broadcasters to have their archived videos automatically organized into a chronological playlist.

A broadcaster can create as many projects as he wants. A project page will consist of a live channel and playlist. A viewer can easily switch just with a tab click between the project channel and project playlist. So, how will all of this look like and work in reality?  Let’s see the changes in respect to the way things work today on the site.



Project Channel

The project channel is going to replace the current existing channel. When viewers visit a project page, they will see the live channel and also the playlist. Let’s explain this better with an example; Jegas from Connecticut is a broadcaster on Livecoding and is working on three different projects A, B, and C.

For each of his project he has streamed for 50 hours and generated 150 videos. All these 150 hours were streamed on the same channel URL and the videos related to each project are all stored under the same URL. This creates a messy clutter and makes it hard for any viewer to watch the series of videos related to the same project or find the previous videos for the same project.

With the new project channel approach, each project will get its own URL. At any given time a broadcaster can stream on Livecoding on a SINGLE project page only. There will be no change of streaming key needed. A broadcaster will set on his dashboard the project he wants to stream on.


Project Information Section


Session Information Section

The other two sections of the project page are the project information section and the session information section. As you have guessed it by now, the project information section relates to the project that you are working on.

The session information section can be changed on each broadcast and is where you add information on what you are working on in the current stream. The information will also be used while archiving the video, so don’t forget to take advantage of it.


Project Playlist

Project Playlist is tied to a project you are working on and can be accessed from the top right section of the chat window.


Clicking on the awesome “Project Playlist” tab will land you on the following page.


The Project Playlist page will have the videos listed in the chronological page. Anyone can find the project videos easily. So if you wanted to watch all the videos for the project A Jegas is working on, all you need is to click on the “Project Playlist” tab.

The new update also ensures that the broadcaster doesn’t have to create a playlist manually as they are generated automatically. Another win-win for the broadcasters and the viewers!

We are working hard to make the change live as soon as possible. And, if you are still confused what the new update will offer to check the benefits below.


Benefits of the new update

  • Livestreams and videos are now organized by project. With the organized playlist, anyone can now find project videos at one single place and also don’t have to search videos manually. Now you will not be lost in the video archive.
  • The new update reduces clutter in the video directory improving user experience and content value.
  • One single URL to the project videos and the project channel. Organization got a whole new meaning.
  • Learning curve will now improve for viewers. The viewers can quickly check the project playlist and learn about the project quickly from the past videos.
  • The new update will also help recruiter to easily verify the project done by a candidate and get an overall idea about the broadcaster’s skill.
  • Broadcasters can share the project channel URL with a potential employer. The recruiter can easily go through the project and understand the potential of the broadcaster. The broadcaster, on the other hand, can take benefit of the new change and improve visibility by using it as a portfolio link.


What’s next?

All old projects will be automatically migrated to the new project approach.

Change is inevitable and is the law of nature. Thus, we collect a lot of user feedback and thrive to bring the best to our users.

Love the upcoming update in v2.5 part II? Comment below and let us know what you think about the new update.

Let’s rock it 😉

  • Titas Dutta

    This is a awesome website…
    This is the website to download all youtube videos from playlists or channels.

  • Oleg Galaburda

    That would be good. When this comes, I hope you will give people chance to rename and organize their archived videos into playlists/projects for free. Also, I hope you will get rid of “(part ##)” thing because videos will be organized in playlists and you can get their precedence by index. Removing “archived” thing would be great also.

  • J. Alexander Curtis

    I like the change, but one thing that concerned me is that you mention there no longer being a user channel, only a project channel. Hopefully this is a typo. There should be a user channel to feature all of the work and then projects would basically be like playlists within the channel. So having a URL for the project makes sense as long as there is still a unified channel. On that channel you can follow, and see all the various projects. It would also be kind of cool to mark the progress of a project. But again, I still want to maintain a general channel and the projects would just be a suborganization below my channel.

  • Glenn Barres, Jr.

    This sounds great and makes a lot of sense.

  • Great Idea.

  • Very much looking forward to this update. Sounds like you guys nailed it!

  • Ricardo Escobar

    Wonderful update. I did not use playlist since it was such a chore. But Now I can simply properly name my streams and the playlist get’s done automagically.

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