Not Just Money – Benefits of Creating Projects

LiveEdu Rewards

As an online educational ecosystem, we aim to become the next-gen educational platform for professionals. LiveEdu is a really unique and powerful professional development platform for our students compared to other sites. But what benefits does LiveEdu bring to Project Creators like you? Money? Yes, but here’s what else:

  1. Improvement in communication skills. Believe it or not, for the majority of people, speaking on camera or recording videos seems like an impossible task. By fighting your fears and creating content for LiveEdu, you not only make money but also improve your speaking and computer skills, which makes you a better employee, business owner, entrepreneur, etc.
  2. Followers. In the era of LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media, it’s crucial to have followers who become your users, fans, clients, testers, or maybe even a friend who can endorse your project or yourself when you’re trying to get a new job or get funding.
  3. Popularity. The more projects you do, the more LiveEdu followers you’ll get, and your popularity in the community will grow. This might be beneficial in many ways, including getting even more LEDU cryptocurrency.
  4. Contribution to the community. By teaching others, you make LiveEdu’s community smarter and more successful. There will be more educated LiveEdu professionals in your area of expertise and, who knows, maybe they will help you too someday.
  5. If you’re making tutorials on your own ongoing project, you can get free feedback from testers and free marketing.
  6. Love and positive vibes. That may sound a bit silly, but it really does help your confidence and emotional health when your projects become popular online.
  7. And last but not least — cryptocurrency, because it’s always great to get a bonus for your work and wisdom.

A little more about last one. As you already know from this article, we have 3 different payment classes. To summarize: Class A: $400+4700 LEDU, Class B: $300+2800 LEDU, Class C: $200+1400 LEDU.

Our pay may seem a little small at first, but that’s because you understand only the cash part. The main value of working with LiveEdu for you may end up being our crypto (LEDU). We don’t recommend to withdraw it right away and here’s why. Crypto is like a good wine, the older it is – the more value it has. Today, LEDU tokens are valued between $0.01 and $0.02 but may appreciate over time. So consider saving LEDU, and in 3-4 years from now, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a lot more in value appreciation.

A simple example is as follows: Let’s say you create three projects every month (or more if you want). And let’s say your projects are great and we’ve elevated you to class A after three projects ($400 + 4700 LEDU). So you got 4200 LEDU for the first month and 14100 LEDU for every upcoming month. In 3 years you generated almost 500k LEDU. And BAM! In 3 years LEDU price went up to $1. Now you have $500k, while in cash you’ve made only $172k for 3 years by doing three projects a month. Do you see the value now?

Tokens for Project Creators

We’re not saying that LEDU will be = $1 in 3 years, as no one can predict it, but it will definitely rise in price if we create more awesome projects and have more subscribers. So, consider this an investment in your future or a retirement plan if you want. It will never hurt to have a piggy bank which is hidden from everyone but you.

We could continue talking about more benefits for Project Creators, but these are the main ones. And, if you still don’t understand some aspects or benefits, feel free to mingle with the Project Managers and other Project Creators in our slack workspace. They will help you find and maximize the benefits which matter specifically to you.

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