Premium Tutorials: How To Get Current Date & Time in PHP


With Premium tutorials, you can learn key topics about your favorite technology. In this article, Henry from Phanxgames goes through a simple PHP tutorial on how to get current date and time.

If you are learning PHP and want to find out how to handle date/time function in your web-based program, you can do it by following the tutorial.

Note: This is a structured tutorial on a specific topic and is not related to complete Premium Projects. These tutorials are aimed at learners who want to learn a specific topic and use it in real-world projects.

What will you learn in this tutorial?

  1. Step by step process of how to get current date and time
  2. Functions required to make it all happen, i.e., time() and date() function
  3. Format options
  4. Final code covering everything taught in the tutorial

Tutorial Link: PHP Tutorial How to get current date and time

To watch and learn, you need a LiveEdu Pro subscription. With just the subscription, you will not only be able to learn from this tutorial but also get access to other Premium Project Tutorials.

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