How Project Creators Get Paid on LiveEdu

Tokens for Project Creators

The revolutionary Education Ecosystem (LiveEdu) powered by the Ethereum blockchain allows project creators to monetize each project they create. Project creators will be rewarded for creating quality projects with not only cash, but also LEDU coins as compensation for their work. For this purpose we have reserved exactly 47,187,802.26 LEDU tokens which can be viewed here. This represents thirteen percent (13%) of all coins minted in our ICO and will be distributed over a 3-year period until all project creator coins are allocated.

Each and every project creator will receive base amounts based on the class he is assigned Viewers will also be able to donate to project creators for which they receive additional tokens from learners.

Class A) Top project creators – Base $400 + 4700 LEDU

Class B) Upcoming project creators – $300 + 2800 LEDU

Class C) New project creators – $200 + 1400 LEDU

You can apply to create projects in English, Chinese or Russian. Non English projects have a 30% lower pay-out rate.

At the end of each month the Education Token Ecosystem will vote which project creator is to be classified as class A, B or C. Elevation in class will depend on:

  • popularity of their projects
  • how many times per week they stream
  • the quality of the project
  • how many projects are created

We have moved away from monthly payments to paying once a project creator has achieved their established project milestones. There will be a dashboard where project creators will be able to see all of their statistics such as pending and available cash balance, LEDU balance, streams statistics, etc.

For 2018, the following topics and sub-categories will be covered:



Additional Rewards

09Project creators can also participate in the QUALITY ASSURANCE and SITE MODERATION rewards by:

  • reporting bugs
  • technical streaming issues
  • video quality issues
  • Content moderation

If you want to be a project creator, please fill out your details in this form and Dusan will contact you. If you have questions, please email:


  • Maurice

    Nice one team, its all getting better and better.

  • herzika

    Nice, I cant wait to start with streaming again. Long time user overhere.

  • Kessy

    Am really interested in this, the monthly payment was bit an issue for me. do you plan expanding to more languages like the Arabic? I can create both in English and Arabic language as well.

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