Streamer of the Month November 2016: PhanxGames


Our streamer for the month award goes to Phanxgames.

Phanxgames from Washington DC, US, is developing RpgLegend, a complete in-development 2D multiplayer with a touch of the 16-bit era. The game looks interesting, and you can watch it developed live on his channel. The game will be first released on Windows, followed by Mac OSX, and other platforms. Check out the official webpage here.

Real Name: Henry Price

Alter ego: Phanx

Location: Washington DC

Power/Abilities: !victory Summoner

Username:  phanxgames

Profession: Indie Game Developer

Q: Hey, Phanx! Tell us something about yourself.

A: Hey,! My passion has been, ever since I played my first RPG as a young kid, to make a game world of my own.  A world that captures the spirit of exploration and reward around every corner.  This passion is what drives me to continuously work on my game with such dedication, interest and focus.  It truly is my biggest aspiration in life to create my own RPG.  And this is what I am doing nearly every day here at streaming every step along the way.

Q: Tell us about your work experience? Any special mentions?

A: Before I started working as an Indie Game Developer full-time, I was a freelance web developer.  My clients included small businesses and organizations that needed custom database-driven web applications. As time progressed I found that I wanted to fulfill my aspiration and make a game! So I took my experience with databases and my passion for game development, and together I came up with the idea for the perfect project! A multiplayer online RPG, known as RpgLegend.  You can find out more about my game at my website:

Q: So, which products are you working on the platform these days?

A: I spend the majority of my time streaming the development of RpgLegend.  Currently, I am working on refactoring out the engine code from the RpgLegend code base, creating a library of useful functionality.  The goal is to make it more organized, reusable, maintainable, and to allow for easier development for new features moving forward.

Oh, and of course, I also work on my Chat Bot RPG, known as phanxbot.  I try to spend at least two days a month adding new features to the bot!  Phanxbot has been created to assist in the entertainment of viewers by rewarding them for watching the stream. It also helps keep the viewers engaged by allowing viewers to celebrate with me when I complete the latest task at hand.  Such as, when I fix a bug, it’s a victory party! It’s a lot of fun to engage with my viewers while still being highly productive!

Q: What do you love about programming? Which programming languages have you tried?

A: Thinking back to when I first started, I never thought I would be a fluent programmer.  When I started I felt programming was beyond me.  But I kept trying. Three years of trying, in fact. And, eventually, it clicked.  Programming is a challenge, but it can be highly rewarding.  And that is what I like about programming.  The constant challenge and reward is addicting.

I have tried many languages.  My first language was Visual Basic (VBScript), and I have touched Java and C# along the way.  But now I’m mainly using Node.JS JavaScript, PHP, and ActionScript3.

Q: How do you think Crowdsourcing fits into the future for solving complex computational problems?

A: It is hard to say exactly.  However, from the small scale problems I encounter within my own projects, and having a couple of very useful viewers of my stream always there to help address my concerns and help me come up with logical solutions, that there is definitely a future for the idea of crowdsourcing scaling up to more complex problems, if it hasn’t already.

Q: How long have you been on How’s your experience so far?

A: I started streaming on two years ago.  I found that streaming keeps me focused and motivated.  By having a constant audience keeping me on track, I am more productive, plus I get to meet some amazing people.  Many of my stream regulars I consider friends, and are there celebrating my accomplishments alongside me.  Some even are extremely helpful and provide invaluable advice and coding assistance!  It truly has changed my life for the better.

Q: What role, do you think is playing in promotion/learning of programming?

A: The idea of a site focused around being productive, especially with programming and development is a fantastic idea.  I feel helps bring people together around an otherwise fairly solo activity.  No longer is coding something you strictly do by yourself, but now it can be a group activity. Dare I say, has made programming cool!  And by making programming cool, has also made programming more accessible and approachable to new programmers.

Q: How do you think Livestreaming adds value to the Society and coding learners?

A: I think that if you are a beginner or expert at programming, streaming can be beneficial.  When you are just starting out you can watch someone’s stream and try to follow along, think about how you would solve a problem, and then watch to see how the streamer solves it.  On the other hand, more experienced programmers will find teaching and explaining concepts to be reinforcing their knowledge which improves their working knowledge of topics.

There is always new languages to learn, or at the very least, someone doing something with a language that you may not have considered.  Tuning into streams can be educational for any skill level.

Q: If you were to remove a programming language from face of the earth, which one will you will go for? Why?

A: This I simply cannot answer.  There is a lot of hate between programmers about how one language is superior over another language.  And I just cannot stress this enough: the language in which you program is a personal decision.  No one should tell you that the language you are using is wrong.  Even the worst languages have their merits and I am sure are loved by those who use them.

Q: Is there anything you want to end with?

A: I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my viewers and remind them that without them I really would not be where I am today.  You have propelled me forward through thick and thin.  I am truly grateful, thank you.

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    Great interview with a great streamer!

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