Feature Watch: The Livecoding.tv Community

When we preach about the many great things about Livecoding.tv, sometimes we tend to get hung up a bit on the awesome online educational aspect of the site. Other times, we bang on about its convenience or wax lyrical about its variety and level of choice.

Well, enough is enough. It’s time to dive deeper than the (admittedly gorgeous) surface, and get to the heart of what makes Livecoding.tv a special site… It’s heart.

Livecoding.tv was dreamt up as more than just a place you could go to improve your code or build your reputation as a programmer – it was imagined as a social hub for people who love to code. While it’s true that we feel a lot people are frustrated at not having access to real coding experience when they’re learning, improving, and when they get stuck building something, we feel it’s also true that Livecoding.tv is the kind of website you can visit just to chill out and kill some time.

Our chat feature means that when you get onto Livecoding.tv, you can immediately start shooting the breeze with other viewers and the coders themselves while they livestream. Talk about what you’re viewing, get to know each other and bond over a shared interest. Ask each other questions and learn more about how the streamer is building their product. Some of your best friends are waiting over at Livecoding.tv – you just haven’t met them yet.

There’s so much more to the site than the educational side. You can chat about the different ways you’d approach tasks, you can challenge each other and subsequently prove each other right or wrong through your broadcasts, and you can group up with people you meet and start building something totally new. Livecoding.tv is a hub of people sharing their ideas, fostering creativity and friendship.

If you’re feeling in the mood to procrastinate, or you’ve popped a beer and you’re looking for something interesting to do online, why not head over and waste a few hours watching a stranger build something cool?

Livecoding.tv isn’t just coding; It’s messaging each other, it’s chatting and getting to know each other, it’s following streamers and becoming friends. Livecoding.tv is coding, made social.

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