How LiveEdu Project Creators are Elevated to the Next Payment Class

How LiveEdu Project Creators are Elevated to the Next Payment ClassLiveEdu compensates premium project creators in both cash and LEDU tokens. Their “class” tier determines the amount they can earn in the Education Token Ecosystem.

Currently, the project creators are classified into the following three payment classes:

  • Class A: for top expert project creators
  • Class B: for talented, intermediary project creators
  • Class C: for beginner project creators

If you create 3 projects per week, here are your possible earnings per month based on your class tier:

  • Class A: $4,800 + 56,400 LEDU
  • Class B: $3,600 + 33,600 LEDU
  • Class C: $2,400 + 16,800 LEDU

Criteria for elevation

Here are 3 critical criteria we use to determine the elevation from one payment class to the other:

  1. Project popularity

If your project is popular—it attracts a high number of views and positive rating—you’re likely to be elevated to a higher class. In fact, this criterion has 50% weight of the final elevation decision.

  1. Quality of projects

The quality of your project and presentation skills is another important criterion. It has 30% weight in the final decision.

Here are some factors we use to determine the quality of the projects:

  • What is the project density? We’ll assess the number of times per week you stream or upload projects and how fast you finish them.
  • What’s the technical quality of the project? Here are some standards we check.
  • What’s the educational value of the project? Your project should stand out from what people can easily find on the Internet; it should be worth what they are going to pay for.
  • Does your project meet overall quality standards? Here is a checklist we use.
  1. The number of  projects

This last parameter has 20% weight in the final elevation decision.

Every new Project Creator is assigned to Class C (unless they have exceptional experience). Once they’ve successfully created 3 projects that meet LiveEdu standards, they are moved to Class B. You’ll need to finish the 3 projects within 40 days.

Ultimately, they’ll be moved to Class A after creating 5 quality projects. You’ll need to create the 5 projects within 60 days.

Criteria for downgrading

If you get elevated and you fail to keep to our standards, you may get downgraded to a previous class.

Here are some factors we use to make the downgrade decision:

  • Lack of new projects within 60 days
  • Reduction in the quality of projects. If we notice a drop in quality, we’ll give you a warning to make improvements. If you persistently make the same mistake, you’ll face the axe.
  • If you are a streamer and you miss your stream schedule without prior warning three times, then you’ll be downgraded. Check here for other penalties that may apply.


Worth mentioning, the elevation criteria is not cast in stone. If you have exceptional skills and really know your stuff, you’ll be moved faster from one class to the other.

Do you have any questions about how the Project Creator elevation works?

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