How to Earn $4000+ Per Month on

Tokens for Project Creators

How much money can you make working full-time on When you complete three projects weekly, on a monthly basis you can earn:

Class A) Top tier Project Creator – $4800 + 56,400 LEDU

Class B) “Rising talent” Project Creator – $3600 + 33,600 LEDU

Class C) New Project Creator – $2400 + 16,800 LEDU

At the time of this writing, 56,400 LEDU is worth $850, which, in addition to the generous cash payouts, yields total earnings equivalent to $5650/month. Project Creators are paid in cash and LEDU cryptocurrency for each project they create. The amount that you’re paid for each project is determined by your “class” tier in our Education Token Ecosystem:

Class A) Top tier Project Creator – $400 + 4700 LEDU

Class B) “Rising talent” Project Creator – $300 + 2800 LEDU

Class C) New Project Creator – $200 + 1400 LEDU


Your LEDU payments come from a fund of 47,000,000 LEDU tokens that was set aside during our ICO just for project creators. Your students can donate even more LEDUs to you as a “thank you” for accelerating their career development. You use a dashboard to track your available and pending cash balances, LEDU balance, and streaming statistics.

New project creators begin their payment level at Class C. Elevation to Class A, and B payment levels are based on:

  • Quality and educational value of their project
  • Type of project (Only “How to” projects, 6-10 hrs long will qualify)
  • Number and frequency of projects created

Project creators may be elevated to the next payment class even by creating 2-3 projects of great quality within a short period of time. is hiring Project Creators for all eight of our professional development categories: Here you can see each category with the topic sub-categories for which we are hiring Project Creators:


Are you interested in becoming a Project Creator or have questions about the job? Please submit the form below and we will get back to you asap. If you prefer, you can email us at


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