Introducing Roadmap – Let’s Build Together

The amount of feedback we have got from everyone since we launched has been amazing – and a little hard for Jamie to keep up with all the emails! Now we are adding an easier way for you to add suggestions, and for us to see what you care about most.

Our new Roadmap is a simple external site we have added, so you can add your suggestions and vote on your favourite suggestions so that you, as a member of this community, can shape the site as we grow.


You can point out bugs and issues with the site to us, and we’ll get them fixed. You can find out what we’re working on and give us feedback on our new projects. Best of all, you can suggest features to us and upvote other ideas so we know what you’d like us to start looking into next.

The Roadmap is a way for you to contribute to with us as we evolve, and we cant wait to see what ideas you come up with!

Oh and we will be giving away a few t-shirts to a few of you who give us the best suggestions/ideas, yet another reason to get involved!


Hopefully now Jamie can begin to dig his way out of his overflowing inbox…

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