Introducing: The Streamer Schedule

Since the dawn of we’ve had users virtually knocking down our virtual door to ask for a schedule of when coders are going to be live and streaming… and I’m glad to tell you that their prayers have been answered!

The streamer schedule is pretty darn useful. All you have to do is click through and you should be greeted by this glorious table that gives you info on who’s streaming, when they’re streaming, and what they’re streaming. As you scroll down you can find times in GMT, EST and PST.

Streamer Schedule

Why is this so useful, you ask?

Well, let’s look at the case of Jim, a viewer who had come on the site hoping to catch somebody coding using PHP. He spent fifteen minutes looking around the site and absentmindedly browsing streams while the pizza he was cooking burnt in the other room, only to leave frustrated after finding streams that were broadcasting in Python, C++ and Perl… but not PHP. He slammed his laptop closed in frustration, went into the kitchen and promptly broke down in tears over the charred remnants of what should have been a succulent meat feast pizza.

With our new streamer schedule, however, Jim never needs to burn a pizza miss out on the streams that he wants to see, ever again! You can check out the schedule whenever you like and find the livestreams that you’re interested in. We’ll be updating it regularly so that becomes more transparent and easy to use than ever.

Streamers, if you’d like to be featured on the streamer schedule then email our streamer liaison Henrik at and give him the details of your username, the time that you’re streaming, which language and programming language you’ll be using and the time zone that you’re in.

Here’s that link again for anyone who missed it: Streamer Schedule

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