Welcome The Moderators Of Livecoding.tv

What’s the benefit of having a galaxy of streamers and members without moderators? It’s like having a star studded football team without a coach or a manager.

That’s why we want to introduce you to them, so you know who they are and what they can do.

In case you don’t know, moderators are highly qualified, awesome members of a community (whether online or offline) who are saddled with the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of other members of the site.

They act like overseers and at the same time, as judges.

Moderators of a site can;

  • Control what can and cannot be posted on the site
  • Recommend or feature great content
  • Delete useless or annoying post or content
  • Delete or remove a trouble-making member

Here at Livecoding.tv, moderators have been given control over some features of the site.

We will start off by listing what Livecoding.tv moderators can do.

What Livecoding.tv Moderators Can Do

1) Feature Streamers on the Homepage

Livecoding.tv moderators can feature streamers on the homepage who meets the following criteria;

  • Good stream title/working
  • Strong interactivity with viewers
  • Having both webcam and microphone preferably
  • Not dual streaming

2) Feature Streamers on the Livestream Page

Yes. Moderators can feature streamers on the livestream page that meets the above criteria also.

Note: Preference is given to streamers who stream solely on Livecoding.tv

3) Approve Streams For Category Notifications and Streamer Discovery

Moderators can approve streams that meet the following criteria for both category notifications and built-on-page discovery;

  • Informative and useful stream title
  • Channel description must be properly filled out.
  • At least 3 years of experience in what the streamer is streaming
  • Coding category must be set
  • Clear and readable screen
  • There should be a high engagement or participation level

4) Dropping of Streams

Streams that contains unwanted content or fails to meet up with Livecoding.tv streaming standards can be dropped off by the moderators. It could be on a temporary or permanent basis.

There you have it – What Livecoding.tv moderators can do.

So please endeavor you follow the rules to get the most out of your streams.

Ok. We’ve enumerated what these able moderators can do. Now let’s get to know these super guys (or are the not super?).

Meet The Moderators

Below is a list of the awesome Livecoding.tv moderators.






inkblotty's avatar on livecoding.tv

JavaScript, HTML – CSS United States

C-, C++, SQL United States

JavaScript, PHP, HTML – CSS France
Awakekat awakekat's avatar on livecoding.tv PHP, HTML – CSS United States
Wild Wild's avatar on livecoding.tv C-, C++, JavaScript Sweden
Thomasbs ThomasBS's avatar on livecoding.tv JavaScript, HTML – CSS Go Denmark

Python, JavaScript, SQL United States

Java, PHP, GameDev Brazil

JavaScript, SQL, HTML – CSS France

C-, C++, JavaScript, Ruby United States
rancoud rancoud's avatar on livecoding.tv JavaScript, PHP, HTML – CSS France

JavaScript, PHP, HTML – CSS Brazil

Ruby Japan

Java, C-, C++, Node.js South Korea
cannap cannap's avatar on livecoding.tv JavaScript, PHP, HTML – CSS Switzerland

C#-, .NET, JavaScript, HTML – CSS United States

C-, C++, C#-, .NET, JavaScript United States

Java, C#-, .NET, C++ Netherlands
Alexbooker C#-, .NET, JavaScript United Kingdom

Java, C#-, .NET, JavaScript China

Now over to you. What do you think about this selection. Do you agree or disagree? Who else surely deserves a spot on the mod list?

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