Learn Ruby – How To Convert a String to Lower or Uppercase?

In Ruby, a String contains and manipulates an arbitrary sequence of bytes, typically representing characters. When you want to change the contents of a String in Ruby, it should be noted that methods with the name ending in “!” modify the String that is receiving this method, while those without “!” return a new String.

How to convert a string to Lower or Uppercase of a String in Ruby

To convert the content to lowercase, use .downcase:

Similarly, to transform everything to uppercase, use .upcase:

If you want to capitalize only the first letter of a String, use the .capitalize method:

You can also use .titleize to ensure that the first letter of each word in the String will be uppercase:

Remember that if you add the exclamation point in any of these methods, the original String will be modified, as shown below:


Including support for Unicode, and ASCII in capitalization methods in Ruby

These methods operate natively in ASCII. To add support for Unicode, is necessary to install a gem, as showed below:

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