Releases Automated Self-Service Streaming Schedule

Good news! We have a solution to the streaming solution that is an upgrade from the Google Spreadsheet we have used up until now. Now you can find the schedule right on our site.


The old way of scheduling your streams was a little bit inefficient, having to email us every week. Well we’re glad to announce that those days are over! With the new schedule you can now add your streaming times directly on In addition you can also:

  • View livestreams happening in your own time zone, making it a lot easier to keep up with your local streamers.
  • Track which streams are currently live.
  • Edit your own scheduled streams any time you like.
  • Browse the past broadcasts of streamers so you can choose streams that interest you.
  • Quickly navigate through the calendar so you always know what’s coming up.

Our new automated schedule is easy to use and even easier on the eyes. Don’t take our word for it, though – go check it out!

We will continue to improve and refine it based on your feedback.

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