Why your Projects on LiveEdu Need to be Exclusive

Why your Projects on LiveEdu Need to be Exclusive

At LiveEdu, we guarantee exclusive quality content to our subscribed Viewers. This means that LiveEdu Project Creators cannot stream open source projects, projects with MIT license or projects that they are going to sell later. Project Creators can, however, upload their original project files -whole file or specific part- that they have been working on during their streams.

To ensure this originality, we are going to pay our Project Creators for content that is not available anywhere else. Below are several things to consider in regards to project exclusivity:

  1. We protect our Premium Project Creators projects by making them available only to Viewers that have subscribed.
  2. Our business model is based on subscriptions to generate the funds necessary to pay you for your hard work.
  3. You diminish the value of your project and LEDU that you are paid if your project is floating around the internet and readily available in several places especially for free.
  4. Exclusivity generates a need for your project that will ensure that you are paid at the maximum value of your project. This also creates organic LEDU token demand that will drive up LEDU’s market price. Therefore, you’ll see higher returns on the value of LEDU.
  5. To be able to pay you, we need Viewers to subscribe. Subscribers will not pay for content that is unoriginal and available for free consumption elsewhere.
  6. We do extensive content quality checks. If we find your source code offered for free or for sale on other websites, we will not be able to pay you for your current and future projects.


No one will pay for content that they can receive or gain access to elsewhere for free. If that becomes the case, your project’s value decreases, and we won’t be able to pay you for your project. We hope all Project Creators can see the logic of our decision to ask for project exclusivity.

Of course, you can work on as many other projects as you like on other sites. Please feel free to do so. But the projects you create for LiveEdu must be exclusive to our site.

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